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Hank Strange

Ep 14 Justin Humphreys Airstream VP of Sales

E14 • Dec 21, 2023 • 67 mins

In this episode, Hank Strange talks with Justin Humphreys, VP of sales at Airstream, about the iconic brand and the rise of class B RVs. They explore the unique features of the Airstream Atlas and discuss the company's approach to quality control and customer feedback. Also, they delve into the impact of social media on customer feedback and the future of renewable batteries and electric vans in the RV industry.

Key Points

  • Justin Humphries from Airstream shares insights on the RV industry, his experience with RV manufacturing, and the evolution of Airstream's product line including the Class B motorhomes.
  • The Airstream brand remains focused on quality and customer service, with initiatives like the 5 Rivet dealer standards and factory service to address customer needs and maintain satisfaction.
  • The future of RVs, particularly Class B vans, may see advancements in electric vehicle technology, battery systems, and solar power, offering new possibilities for off-grid travel and sustainability.
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