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Hank Strange

Ep 11 Nick Schmidt of Sunshine State RV

E11 • Oct 12, 2023 • 77 mins

In this episode, Hank Strange and guest Nick Schmidt of Sunshine State RVs discuss new RV models and features showcased at the Elkhart Open House. They address audience questions about wheelchair lifts in Class B RVs, introduce the Storyteller Overland, and preview the upcoming Rex Rover from 27 North. They also share maintenance tips for RV owners and discuss the benefits of the Sunshine State Elite Club.

Key Points

  • Sunshine State RVs specializes in Class B RVs and offers unique customer service perks like free nationwide delivery and guaranteed service appointments within five days of purchase.
  • The RV industry is seeing exciting innovations for the 2024 models, including the introduction of pop-top vans, double lithium battery systems, and new models like the Westfalia pop-top on a ProMaster chassis.
  • Coachmen Class B is making upgrades to their 2024 models, including options for additional lithium batteries, new interior color schemes, and independent systems for better functionality and user control.
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