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Hank Strange

Ep 15 Jared McCauslin CEO of Vandoit

E15 • Dec 28, 2023 • 74 mins

In this episode, Hank Strange chats with Jared McCauslin, CEO of Vandoit, about the growth of Van Life and its impact due to COVID-19. They delve into the popularity of Van Duet, advantages of buying a Ford transit from Vandoit, and the versatility of their vans. The episode also features discussions on the Move model, aluminum frame pros & cons, cost and financing options, and the future of van life.

Key Points

  • Vandoit CEO Jared McCauslin discusses the company's origins, emphasizing its commitment to building versatile, modular, and value-driven RVs for a diverse customer base.
  • The Ford Transit Trail, a cargo van designed for RV conversions, represents a significant development in the industry, with Vandoit being a key partner in showcasing its potential through their MOVE model.
  • Vandoit's approach to van life prioritizes customer needs and lifestyle adaptability, offering solutions ranging from pre-owned units to high-end custom builds, while exploring innovative alternatives to traditional RV components like black tanks.
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