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Hank Strange

Ep 12 Mark Howlett COO of Truma North America

E12 • Oct 26, 2023 • 69 mins

In this episode, Hank Strange chats with Mark Howlett from Truma about the company's evolution, their commitment to customer service, and the importance of system redundancy. They delve into the efficiency of propane in RVs, the future of standardization in the industry, and the benefits of electrification. They also explore the challenges of DIY RV builds and the potential for new consumer-direct products. The episode concludes with a discussion about Truma's partnership with Aldi US and potential meet-up at the Tampa show.

Key Points

  • Truma's COO Mark Howlett shares the company's history and its connection to the Marshall Plan, with the name "Truma" derived as a tribute to President Harry S. Truman.
  • The Truma Combi is a compact and efficient heating system designed for longevity, popular in Class B vans for its ability to provide both space heating and hot water in one unit.
  • Truma is introducing the Sophia, an under-bench air conditioning system that offers both heating and cooling through the floor, providing a lower center of gravity for RVs and an alternative to roof-mounted units.
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